Thalia Causes A BFF War Between Rell & Princess | VH1 Beauty Bar

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Princess feels insulted when Thalia implies that she is not a native New Yorker, then gets into a battle of the BFFs with Rell after he seems to pick Thalia's side.

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If you want to turn up in New York City, the hottest party scene going down is uptown. Welcome to Inwood, the crown jewel at the top of Manhattan. The neighborhood's hottest salon, House Of Dolls, is where you can get your hair, makeup, and nails done by some of the biggest, loudest, and most diverse voices the city has to offer. VH1 Beauty Bar follows the House Of Dolls staff as they take their day jobs seriously but aren't afraid to have some fun when the sun goes down. It's a lovable, dysfunctional family with its fair share of laughs…and drama. As VH1 Beauty Bar dives into the parties, the glam, and the personal lives of colorful characters, the House Of Dolls salon is going to turn up like never before.

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Thalia Causes A BFF War Between Rell & Princess | VH1 Beauty Bar