DIY GLOSSY FLUFFY SLIME using RAW EGG!! No Glue, No Shaving Foam, No Borax 😱!

by Cute Life Hacks   7 months ago

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♥ DIY GIANT CLEAR SLIME Using PVA Powder (No glue, no borax clear slime recipe used in this video) ♥
This was one of the suggestions under my DIY clear slime video and I would never have guessed that adding raw egg to slime actually works!! Remarkably, it creates a new texture that's glossy and fluffy at the same time. Playing with this slime mimics the process of beating eggs so it actually increases the volume and becomes fluffier. I find that the egg holds air bubbles even better than shaving foam. Regular fluffy slime tends to "deflate" after a while but this one actually stays soft & stretchy for much longer...possibly because you're constantly adding more air bubbles to the mixture as you play with it.

The slime itself didn't smell at all, though I used clear slime made with PVA powder which is also fragrance-free. If you use clear slime made with glue or face masks then it will most likely smell like that. However the slime does leave residue on the table, bowl etc and you can notice an eggy smell the next day. So make sure to clean all surfaces very well, and wash you hands well.

DID YOU KNOW? Salmonella is actually extremely rare/non-existent (0.01%) in supermarket eggs sold in developed countries. 99.9% of raw eggs DO NOT contain salmonella. Even if the egg is contaminated, you can only get ill by ingesting a large amount of it, which is basically impossible in this case. However since eggs are so perishable, you should definitely take extra care with hygiene to prevent cross-contaminating other things such as food or furniture.

♥ Safety Guidelines for DIY Egg Slime ♥
1) Wash hands thoroughly before and after playing with this
2) Clean all utensils with warm water and soap, or place use dishwasher
3) Throw slime away immediately after use
4) Avoid rubbing the slime on surfaces that cannot be cleaned easily such as furniture or inside a car
5) Best to play with it on a plate or chopping board
6) Do not sell or send this slime by mail
7) Also works with slightly expired eggs (a few days after the expiry date)

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