DIY JUMBO FLOAM Slime with 100 SQUISHIES!!! Giant ASMR Slime Squishing!

by Maqaroon   8 months ago

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It's been exactly one year since #SLIMEMOUNTAIN ( so I decided it's time make another jumbo slime :D! There are so many DIY giant slime videos on YT that it took me a while to come up with something new. I decided to try a huge floam using kawaii squishies instead of foam balls. I thought it would have a very unique look and be super fun to play with on camera. I was mostly worried that the clear slime wouldn't be strong enough to hold the squishies together in the stereotypical "floam ball". Or they might get completely ruined by the slime (ink coming off etc) and I would have to answer to hundreds of squishy fans why I wrecked them ;D. However this DIY squishy floam slime ended up much better than I expected. The slime looks beautiful in combination with the squishies and it was incredible to squish. Also, the squishies can be removed from the slime without any damage whatsoever so they can be kept or reused!

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