Make your own stylish smartphone Faraday Box in 10 minutes

by ScottiesTech.Info   10 months ago

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NOTE: I have made a better version. See:

With the release of WikiLeak’s “Year Zero” information on the CIA’s capabilities, you might be forgiven if you’re worried about your privacy. It’s a bit annoying to think that some bozo is remotely activating your smartphone’s mic to spy on your extremely dramatic dinnertime conversations.

You could buy some overly expensive “Faraday Bag” to stick your phone in when you’re not using it, but who wants an ugly black overpriced lunch bag?

Instead, just make your own Faraday Box. It’s cheap, stylish, hip, and it only takes about 10 minutes to make!

Pretty Wooden Box:
Aluminum Foil Tape:
Expensive Faraday Bag:

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