I Bought A $10,000 Mystery Box From eBay

by Project20   5 months ago

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Hey everybody hows it going? Welcome back to my channel. So today we have a little bit of an exciting thing happening. I've been looking a lot on youtube and theres been some videos coming of some people getting these mystery boxes from eBay. And they open them up, you don't know what's in them. Sometimes its junk and sometimes it's like awesome stuff.
So i went on ebay and I wanted to see what the most expensive mystery box was. So I was looking through some of them and a lot of them were $50, $100. And then I see this one that's $10,000 and I was like wow that's stupid, who's gonna buy that. I made a decision. probably not the smartest decision but I spent all of my savings on this box right here. Uhh yep that's right. I spent $10,000 on this box. And I don't know whats gonna be inside. It could be just a bunch of junk like clothes and empty I don't know. Hopefully it's not that. hopefully we get some cool stuff. Let's jump inside. Let's see what we got. I'm really nervous cuz I don't want to like-alright so I'm gonna film on my phone so that you guys get another angle, and I'm gonna take this knife and open this box, and we can see what is inside, Okay so let's see what is inside.
We're gonna cut this seal right here. So Okay theres some packing peanuts. thats the first thing i see. And some paper. And theres lots of packing peanuts, lots of paper. I see something right here. So let's grab out the first thing shall we?
We have Hi-Chew sours. someone gave me hi-chew sours and the bag's open. are there any in here? there's a couple. that's some expensive candy.So we got some paper, just throw that away. I see something else right here, looks like a dvd and it's Jurassic park, on on dvd we got Jurassic park on guys. i don't know if you can see that. is it even in there? oh my gosh, um so the inside is actually just shrek. I didn't even get Jurassic Park. Alright maybe I was maybe I was looking forward to watching that. Hopefully that's not it all i see now is just a bunch of packing peanuts. Um but oh shoot what is this. theres a can of mountain dew theres a can of mountain dew. should we drink it? oh boy so what do we have next? oh shoot okay things are looking up a little bit. oh my gosh a nintendo switch? um alright yeah thanks. things are getting a little better. what is next.
I do see something that looks pretty sweet. holy crap alright I'm really excited about this. a DJI Mavic pro drone. Holy crap um alright thanks man. still not worth 10,000 bucks but I mean it's close enough right? theres just a bunch more of these packing peanuts. I'm gonna have to clean that up. what is this? Oh my gosh it's Ron Swanson. I got a clock with Mr Ron Swansons face on it. look at that mustached man. It looks very dusty so it's probalright well we got the brand new 8 plus. I needed a new phone so i'll take it. lets see what's next uh we got another iPhone. why'd you send me two iphones? alright well we got two iPhone guys so much for watching. it you like the video please give it a like. if you're new here hit that subscribe button, we got cool new videos every single week so you're gonna wanna check that out. also guys remember if you do comment down below you are entered into a giveaway to win some stickers that i have. here's this week's winner right here. congratulations. if you wanna be a winner comment down below and i'll pick you possibly for the next video. so thank you guys so much for watching and i'll see you guys next week.
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